You know deep down that things aren’t right – you feel more tired, your belly seems to be expanding but you know you’re not pregnant because let’s face it you haven’t seen your libido in months, food just doesn’t seem to like you and you feel like something is missing but you can’t quite put your finger on it. 

You joined the gym, you tried Jenny Craig and nothing seems to work, you tried giving up alcohol for Dry July but went back to being wet in August. You tried giving up smoking but had a bad day at work and started again and now you are smoking and wearing the patches. You try so hard to not eat the family bag of chips when you are bored and fed up but it’s just so damn difficult. 

I get it!  It’s SO, SO hard to make changes to your life. You have to hit rock bottom before you start to really make changes to your life.

It’s because of fear and it’s not because of the fear of change really because change is what moves us forward. What we are frightened of is what we expect to happen.  We expect change to be painful and hard and shit…so no wonder we don’t want to do it.

We believe that in order to change something we will have to lose something. If you think that the change, whatever it is, will take over your life and remove something that you enjoy or have got used to then you will only focus on what you will miss out on if you remove it from your life.  For example, if we stopped drinking alcohol we may be frightened that we will lose friends, we won’t get invited to parties anymore, we will be considered boring. If you think you will lose more than you will gain then you will not change. 

We also don’t change if we think that the change is going to be hard work and take effort. This one is a biggie for me. I am fundamentally a lazy person so eating a more plant based diet, eat gluten free and dairy free is a total pain in the arse for me. I’m still not there and its a work in progress but that is because I have focused on what I will miss out on and what a pain it will be to have to think about what I eat, change how I shop and what I cook (especially when I also cook for a bloke and fussy kids). It’s easier to just keep eating the same food and feel shit. 

The other reason change is hard is that we fear failure. What happens if I go through all this loss and effort and nothing changes. What happens if I feel worse? What if all this change was a waste of time? 

If you decide that 2021 is YOUR year. The year to eat more healthily and mindfully, to start moving your booty, to stop smoking, to reduce your drinking, to start taking care of yourself, soak up some bliss and find yourself again then you have to get prepared and address those fears. 

What you need to do: 

1Decide on your why. WHY do you want to change? What is in it for you? Go deep with this, this isn’t about fitting in your jeans, this is about quality of life & longevity stuff. 

2.  Focus on what you will gain rather than what you will lose. Write out the gains and stick them up on your wall. When I say no to THIS I am really saying yes to THAT!  Focus on the pleasurable experiences and not the negative.

3.  Focus on all the new learnings, friendships, experiences that you will gain rather than what hard work the change will be. Don’t worry about how daunting it might be to have to think a little bit more about what to cook and buy, concentrate on how yummy this new food will be and how bloody hot and vibrant you will feel as a result. Think about how quickly your lungs will regenerate when you give up smoking and how well you will sleep at night when you cut back on the wine. 

4. Focus on the possibilities – What could go right rather than what could go wrong?

5.  Focus on solutions to any barriers. If money is a barrier to eating healthily then look at your spending habits – Are you wasting money on something you don’t need? Consider buying in bulk. There are always solutions if your WHY is strong enough and you really want to make the change. 

I have a quote on my kitchen wall which I love:  ‘What if I fall? Oh but darling what if you fly?’  I suggest you put it up on your wall somewhere and read it everyday. 

Every time you hear yourself thinking a negative thought, tell that voice to bugger off and flip it into a positive statement. Change isn’t easy but it is absolutely worth it!

I highly recommend reading Brendon Burchard’s book ‘The Charge’ for your summer reading too. He has a whole chapter on the drive for change which is inspirational. 

If you want to make 2021 your year of change and want some help then contact me.  Here are some options for working with me and making some changes. 

I will be running another 3 day Mindful Eating Reset on 29 -31st January. Click here for more information and to sign up

I have a Nutrition Course called ‘Eat Well Feel Well’,  that covers everything you need to know about nutrition – What to eat lots of, What to eat less of, How to improve your relationship with food and stop emotional eating, How to plan, shop and cook healthier foods, What are the healthiest diets? When is the best time to eat and a whole heap more. Click here to find out more information.

My WellBeing Club will be opening its doors on the 31st January for 14 days so you can find out more and sign up for the VIP Waiting list if you are interested. 

I am also about to launch a few coaching packages for nutrition, wellbeing, life and weight loss so let me know by going to the CONTACT ME page and letting me know. 

Let’s make 2021 the year for change.

‘If you want to fly, you have to give up what weighs you down’.                      Ray T. Bennett

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