One of my biggest bugbears and stresses has been the concept of work-life balance. I worked in a job where my whole world revolved around work and my family never saw me or if they did I wasn’t fully present and I was always agitated and anxious. 

Now I am self-employed, I am very conscious that I never want to be in that situation again which isn’t easy when you are starting out. 

I had a light bulb moment when I was reading a new book by Brendan Burchard called ‘High Performance Habits’.  He states that work-life balance is completely possible. We have just been going about it the wrong way, ‘The great mistake most people make is to think of balance in terms of evenly distributed hours’.

We shouldn’t be trying to spend equal time on work and ‘life’, rather we should focus on how we feel – our happiness, presence and progress. 

He claims that we actually do have time, just think how much time we waste on Facebook, You Tube, Netflix, emails etc….

When most of us feel that the balance isn’t there, it’s because one area of our life is taking up more of our time and attention than we want.   I know that for me work took up so much of my time and energy that my health declined and my family relationships suffered.  In the same way you could focus so much on your family or hobby that your work might suffer. 

At the end of every week, I review my business – what went well, what didn’t, what I need to do to improve and what my goals are for the coming week.  Brendon Burchard, recommends doing a review on all aspects of your life at the end of the week. Giving them a mark out of 10 and then writing out a goal for each one to focus on every week. That way by measuring and monitoring  we can see what is out of balance and then do something about it. 

So this week I am going to grade my eating, movement, intellectual wellbeing, relationships, finances, work/service, spirituality, creativity/joy and personal development and see how I get on. If I can get a 10/10 in those areas then the time is irrelevant. I might spend 30 minutes on my cross stitching or 1 hour on my gardening and 40 hours on my work but if I feel content then I know that the balance is in the feeling not the time. I also know that if you don’t truly love what you do for work  or in your ‘life’ you will never feel balanced or joyful. 

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