I have been obsessed with the concept of ‘WellBeing’ for years. My first email in NZ was wellbeingwarrior@. In the back of my mind I was going to create a group called the WellBeing Warriors and then a few years back realised that the term was already being used by Louise Thompson for her coaching group. Bugger!  I thought about other names but I am in love with the term ‘wellbeing’. Wellness just doesn’t cut it for me – it sounds too one dimensional.

The dictionary definition is the ‘state of being comfortable, healthy or happy’ which doesn’t even come close. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US  define it as a ‘perception that life is going well’. We control our perception, therefore we can control our wellbeing. Wellbeing isn’t something external and it isn’t something that just happens to us if we are lucky. We make it happen!

Governments are starting to look at wellbeing as a measure of success and mental wellbeing is a growing area of interest but to me there is so much more to it. To me wellbeing is fundamental to everything- you cannot possibly live your best life, reach your goals and potential if your wellbeing sucks. The NZ government created a ‘Wellbeing Budget’ whereby more money would be spent on 1) improving mental health, 2) reducing child poverty, 3) supporting indigenous people, 4) moving to a more low-carbon emission economy and 5) living well in a digital age.  This is starting to expand what encompasses wellbeing – thoughts and emotions, finances, our social connections and our environment but there is more… 

There are lots of measures of wellbeing out in the world and of course they are completely subjective because its about how we feel and how we perceive ourselves. The NZ government measures wellbeing by analysing life satisfaction, finances, health, housing, human rights, and relationships. The CDC list physical, emotional, psychological, economic, development, life satisfaction, and engagement as the areas most measured in research…and there are lots of studies on this now.  Our perception of our wellbeing is usually based on how much energy we have, how healthy, happy and fulfilled we feel.

In coaching, wellbeing is represented by a wheel, which I personally love because quite rightly for a wheel to work and for the ride to be smooth the wheel has to be completely circular and pumped up to the max. If it’s deflated or has got stones stuck in it, the ride is going to be bumpy at best and bloody uncomfortable or even dangerous at worst. 

Wellbeing is the same – if any aspects of wellbeing are not pumped to the max then quite frankly life is more challenging . 

I have come up with 12 aspects of wellbeing that, for me, are key to feeling vibrant, purposeful, engaged, joyful, healthy and just pumped up like a tyre wheel. 

They are:

  1. Life vision/Life purpose – if you don’t know where you are going how will you know when you have got there? 
  2. Eating – in a way that suits your body, mind, energy and the planet but not your emotions!
  3. Movement – fitness, sports, walking, stretching, strength, flexibility, stamina –  the whole shabang!
  4. Intellectual – learning, problem solving and complex thinking
  5. Spiritual – we are spiritual beings and this is an aspect of wellbeing that I believe gets missed frequently (possibly because lots of people are scared of its connotations).
  6. Mindset – this is different from intellectual even though it includes thinking – this is more about our subconscious and unconscious thoughts that affect our behaviour. This also incorporates mental and emotional wellbeing. 
  7. Financial – when we have a poor relationship with money – everything else is affected.
  8. Creativity – another aspect not really considered – this isn’t frivolous – this is now considered the 3rd most important skill after critical thinking and problem solving (according to the World Economic Forum) because it encourages free thought and expression (there is a reason why creativity is one of the first things banned in dictatorships). 
  9. Service – making a difference in the world  and contributing in some way makes us feel good – whether that is through voluntary or philanthropic work, or our career or taking care of our family.
  10. Relationships – this includes intimate, parental, family or social – it’s really about connection with others.
  11. Environment – for me this is really important – I believe we reflect our environment and our environment reflects us and this is intrinsic to our wellbeing. When our environment feels yuk so do we. When we surround ourselves with chemicals it will affect us. 
  12. Self-nurture – this is about taking the time to love, connect and care for ourselves – not through eating well or moving well but by just being, by having fun, finding our joy, relaxing and restoring ourselves.  As women, we are excellent at putting this at the bottom of our pile but it is JUST as important as everything else. 

I have long wanted to create a ‘place’ where as a community we work on each aspect of our wellbeing and that is why I have created ‘The WellBeing Club’. This is an online space where we come together every month and discuss one of the aspects of wellbeing . I will challenge and coach you as a group to improve that one aspect.  

This ‘Club’ will include access to the growing number of courses that I am preparing (the first one is on nutrition) plus a once a month challenge and coaching on one of the twelve aspects, meditations, recipes, downloadables, guest speakers and anything else you tell me that you want and need to raise your wellbeing until you feel so healthy, vibrant and pumped with excitement and purpose that you could explode with light. 

I have decided that I am only going to open this club up 4x a year with the change of seasons but I am kicking off in August because I can’t wait to get started any longer. I am so excited …and terrified of course because I am putting my heart and soul into this. 

The cost is a monthly subscription of $20 to start with and then I will be putting the price up every time it opens. For those of you who sign up now, you will pay $20 for as long as your subscription lasts and you will get access to everything as it expands. You will also be able to give me feedback as my founding members so I can make this club the bestest club on the planet. 

I will be putting up a link to the sign in page shortly but please email me sarahb@sarahbrenchleynaturopathy.com if you would like to be a part of this and want to be put on the waiting list.  I can’t wait to see you there.