If you are feeling ‘not quite yourself’, lost, frustrated, frumpy, confused,  blah, yuk and you think this must be just ‘the way it is now’. Then I am SO excited you found me. It does NOT have to be that way and I can help you get your mojo back, feeling like you again and probably even better!  I can help you cut through the BS about nutrition and get you enjoying food again. I can help you find your purpose, create your life vision, smash goals and find your joy. I will show you the BS (belief stories) that have held you back and stopped you getting the life and health that you deserve.

I truly believe that everything starts in the gut.  Hippocrates believed this when he stated ‘all disease begins in the gut’ 2, 500 years ago.  Nancy Mure’s quote sums up beautifully my philosophy: “If there’s one thing to know about the human body; it’s this: the human body has a ringmaster. This ringmaster controls your digestion, your immunity, your brain, your weight, your health and even your happiness. This ringmaster is the gut” 

If your gut isn’t functioning well, then you won’t have energy, your mental health and resilience will be compromised, your hormones will be on a rollercoaster, you’ll be bloated and you won’t sleep.   

  • If you don’t sleep – you can’t dream.
  • If you can’t dream – you won’t be able to envision the life you want.
  • If you feel flat, fat and flatulent then you won’t have the energy or the drive to do what it takes to make those dreams come true. 

I have a coaching package especially for you.  I’ve been waiting for you and I cannot wait to work with you. 

Hi I’m Sarah

I am a degree qualified naturopath with further diplomas in nutrition and herbal medicine. I am also studying for a Masters in Human Nutrition.  I have also studied the GEMM (Gut Ecology and Metabolic Modulation) programme. On top of that I am certified in NLP, Life Coaching and Yoga Teaching (yes I am a personal development junkie).

I became a naturopath because of my love of plants, sustainability and because my son swallowed a padlock (you can read more about that in the About page). I became a life coach because I realised that people don’t stay well, the weight doesn’t stay off and life doesn’t get better until you sort out the mind. I have learnt from personal experience how powerful our thoughts are (think of the placebo effect). We get dragged down and held back by our thoughts, beliefs and stories.  When we are willing to delve a little deeper and peel back the layers magic happens! Truly!

I LOVE teaching and I LOVE coaching so I have put the two together to create a place where I can do both. My dream is also to make what I have learnt accessible to as many people as possible which is why I offer a membership site as well as group coaching and courses on all things to do with health, well-being, mindset and spirituality.

My particular passion is gut health for the reasons I have also mentioned. I also have been on my own gut journey having been diagnosed with IBS when I was 21 by a forward thinking GP (at a time when it really wasn’t recognosed). I have tried diets, remedies, herbs – you name it I have tried it and I have learnt that what worked for me may not necessarily work for you and what didn’t work for me maybe perfect for you – individualised support is required but there are always the foundational things that we all need to have a healthy functioning gut.

When you walk a mountain, you hire a guide – they don’t walk the mountain for you whilst you sit at the bottom in base camp. I would love to come on a journey with you – to walk alongside you and help you reach your health and life goals. To help get your gut working properly for you so you can feel fantastic enough to follow your dreams. No bullshit, no judgement (I am far from perfect) – your health goals – your way. Let me walk the mountain, whatever it is, and hold your hand ‘cos the view from the top is stunning!


What I Do

     The WellBeing Club

This is a one-stop-shop for anything to do with women’s health and well-being. It is in the baby stages but will be constantly evolving. You will find courses and resources on many different aspects of health, well-being, mindset and spirituality. Alongside this you will also get monthly recipes, meditations, activities and once a month group coaching based on one of the pillars of well-being. If you want to become a well-being then come and join the club! Click on the image to find out more. 

   The WellGut Programme

This programme will help beat the bloat, fix the farting and sort out your shit! There are various options including a DIY foundations of gut health programme, and 3 month coached programme (group only) and a 6 month coached programme (including group and individual sessions). Contact Sarah to find out more and what would suit you best. Click on the image above to book a free chat.

     Nutritional Analysis

Are you tired and lethargic? Do you put weight on even though you eat like a rabbit? Have you wondered if you are eating as well as you could be? This could be what you need.  I use a well- respected and validated software package to analyse your nutritional status and gain insight into eating patterns. This allows me to create individualised recommendations based on your actual diet rather than just me ‘guestimating’ any nutritional deficiencies and excesses.


I met Sarah through my colleagues' niece who was Sarah's student in one of her classes. I had an instant connection with her because she cared and didn't once judge me. She listened through my tears to my life story. I believed in what she said and how much passion she has in what she does. She taught me to see my inner beauty and to care for myself. I felt supported and nurtured the whole time. I told her what I didn't want and she listened and built a program for me as an individual. What I needed was a group support frame that when I wobbled there would be cheering and support. Sarah has shown me how to support myself. I loved my journey and will always be grateful for the things that I have learned about myself and food and exercise. I could write so much more...


What an amazing journey I have just been on. I was overweight, had serious gut problems, tired and just generally feeling yuk. Sarah did a full analysis on my diet and what an eye opener that was. She worked with me to change my diet in a way that was doable and now I am loving the food I am eating and feel so much more confident. My bloating and constipation has gone and I feel amazing. Interestingly, Sarah explained how my constipation might be linked to some past trauma. Once we addressed that, the constipation went. Who would have thought? 10 years of constipation gone from just opening up and talking. I wish I had found Sarah earlier.


I have had gut problems for decades. After one consultation Sarah got me tested for SIBO. The test came back positive. Sarah put me on a specific SIBO diet and gave me some herbs and supplements. 4 weeks later I have no gut issues any more. I couldn't believe it.!



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